Testimonial 1

Amanda Homenko | Stockton, CA

I recently bought a home in Stockton, CA that needed a brand new heating and air unit along with new duct work. This is a costly undertaking and I wanted to make sure I got good work done at a fair price. After getting an incredible quote from John at Rod Johnson, I was extremely excited at both the level of customer service I received as well as the expert workmanship. Rod himself came out to inspect our home, and was very courteous and up...


Testimonial 2

John M & June A. | Stockton, CA

…When (the technician) arrived – right on time – he listened to the endless futile history of failed repairs from other heating companies, rolled up his sleeves and dove right into the unit; he discovered the problem in a matter of minutes and had it up and running right away. Seems the unit had been assembled improperly and none of the other repairmen had seen the problem, but Ray nailed it immediately. The heater has performed flawlessly...


Testimonial 3

Elizabeth M. | Stockton, CA

…Very pleased with their service. Rod Johnson Air Conditioning is very nice. They came and checked everything. They completely check the air conditioning in the garage and went outside and checked the fan. They explained how everything works to me and will come out 4 times a year. I have already had them out two times, and they will come two more times this year to check everything out. The man who came first, and the woman who came yesterday...