When your AC breaks down, the first thing you should do is stay calm. The heat may be rising in your home, but there are plenty of things you can do to keep things comfortable and relatively temperate. First things first: if you are in Stockton, reach out to Rod Johnson Air to get an AC technician on-site pronto. We’ll be able to quickly and accurately assess what caused your AC to break down...


If your furnace won’t stop running, then you obviously have a problem. Fortunately, the professionals here at Rod Johnson Air Conditioning are always standing by to give you a helping hand.

Winter’s chill is here, and one problem that is sure to give anyone...


The holidays are here! One of the most popular gifts this holiday season are smart home accessories. However, most people have no idea where even to start setting up their smart home. So, to make things a little easier, the experts here at Rod Johson Air Conditioning have put together the ultimate smart home gift list!

Smart home products are some of the hottest items for homeowners and renters, with the market set to top around...


Fall is here! Besides the changing of the leaves and the overpowering smell of pumpkin spice lattes (thanks, Starbucks…), Fall brings colder temperatures and shorter days. With those colder temperatures and shorter days comes a sudden uptick in the amount people use their furnaces and heating systems.

Since so many people in the Stockton area start-up their heaters for the first time in...


There are several ways that you can save on energy costs this winter. Whether you’re hoping to ease your impact on the planet or just want to save a few dollars, reducing your energy use can help you get there. In fact, 10 percent of renters in a recent survey said that utilities are their most significant monthly expense, coming in third after monthly rent and groceries.

Heating and cooling your apartment, especially those in...