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Since 1965, Rod Johnson Air has been designing central heating and cooling systems to provide controlled comfort for homes and offices. Enjoy year-round comfort, correct humidity, with dust, dirt and pollen filtered from the air. Rod Johnson installed systems are designed to specifically meet the requirements of your home or office.

Other Stockton area HVAC companies may talk about their goals of 100% customer satisfaction, but Rod Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. makes it a part of our EVERY DAY  practice. Rod Johnson heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. offers Stockton, CA customers the best air conditioning, heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services around - You Can Count On that! Our experienced HVAC technicians and service representatives understand that each customer is unique. We provide Stockton air conditioning equipment that will meet you specific requirements, and we specialize in environmentally friendly HVAC products.

Some cooling systems are older models, and upgrading to new equipment will offer substantial savings on energy bills. If you have an air conditioner that is older just ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE to inspect you set up and let you know what options would be perfect for your specific needs or ask us about the PG&E sponsored program that allows us to install an energy upgrade that will make your unit run more efficiently and being that we are chosen to offer these special devices to all PG&E customers we would like to on the behalf of Rod Johnson Air Conditioning and Heating also do a safety inspection on you cooling and heating system to make sure that the unit is working properly for you.

Give Rod Johnson Air a call for more information at 209-931-4100 or use our contact page for a quick way to get your message to us.


Air Conditioning Repair in Stockton, California

Are you looking for a Stockton air conditioning repair service, air conditioner replacement installations or AC maintenance in Stockton? We are geared and ready with our fully stocked vehicles and increased technician training. Having a vast network of Stockton air conditioning technicians and contractors allow us to provide customers a convenient and (in most cases) same-day service and often times will be in your home within hours of you phoning us for service.

Rod Johnson Air Conditioning is fully licensed, bonded, and insured - protecting you and your families home!

Call (209) 931-4100 to schedule an air conditioning repair or estimate.

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Have any questions? Don't hesitate to call us at (209) 931-4100 or use our contact page. Thank you for your interest in Rod Johnson Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. a Stockton Air conditioning and heating Contractor who is ready to help YOU!


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